Legendary romanian hip-hop group consisting of 6 MC's: Deceneu, Piele, OS, Romichete, Dacian, IoIo. 'Piele' and 'Os' are brothers and come from Buzau; 'Deceneu' and the other 3 group members come from Tecuci. They released two albums: Daciada(1997) and Marea Scofala (1999) along with other singles released on various Romanian Hip-Hop albums. Getto Daci was one of the 4 groups which made up the former "Sindicatu' RAN-S" (along with R.A.C.L.A., Delikt and Da Hood Justice) "preaching" a somehow East Coast hip-hop style. Read more about GETTO DACI on    Read more about GETTO DACI



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