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Title: Adoration
Artist: Cranes
Album: Wings of Joy_(Album)


It lies here slowly
It lets you know
It lingers slowly
Until you know
And I’m naked in your heart
I can’t make it stop
I’m breaking in your heart
And I can’t make it stop
I’d try and I can’t make it stop
And I’d like it if you don’t ever stop
In your heart, in your heart
I feel naked in your heart

I want to make you wonder
I want to make it start
And, oh, when it fills with wonder
I won’t want to break it apart
And, oh, when the sky falls on me
And when it’s another day
I’ll want to make you want me
In always another way

I’d love to know you
And I’d love to be in your heart
Oh and I hope you’ll stay
With the love that fills your heart


And it always makes me cry
When I see the sky, your sky
Don’t want to think about tomorrow
’Cos I think it’s all too much
And, oh, if I could feel it in your touch
It’s all too much now
These dreams just make me cry
And, oh, if we could only try

Don’t want to think about tomorrow
’Cos it makes me smile
If we could only hold on for a little while
This is the sense of calm I longed for
Oh and it makes me high
And it brings me here