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Title: Alesia
Artist: Eluveitie
Album: Helvetios_(Album)


The grass was as green as it always was
That sinister day
The blackbird sang their songs as they always did
That black-letter day
The day we passed the great gate for the very last time
I did not look back, I knew we’d stay

I knew they I would not let us go
Leave the death strip
I saw the gleam in their eyes of fear and enslavement
Suffering from the crushing weight

Beloveth ground take me home

Alesia, alisanos
Wake me when I’m gone
Iânotoutâ, eternity
Our barren sacrifice

On that ground we cherished life
Wr embraced death
As the children’s cries trailed off
Sob yielded deathly hush

The grass as green as it always was
That sinister day
As we walked the alleys like thousand times before
I knew we’d stay

Outside Alesia
We offered a living sacrifice

Outside the doors of Alesia
Where our tears run dry