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Title: Andreas
Artist: Seahaven
Album: Reverie Lagoon - Music For Escapism Only_(Album)


Come to me, come to me. I\'ll be your friend
Leave sitting alone at home with your open wrists that bleed all over
It\'s been notable years (apart) now, but that\'s easy for me
Maybe if I was not so vain, well maybe then I would have seen it

You will find yourself in time; all it will take is some time
Know that all that it will take is some time
I am furthest from the sun, closest to roots of the tree
You\'re not the only one under shade suffering

You\'ll hate her forevermore, and you\'ll love her the same
She\'ll never understand, because life seems to work that way
The dark DNA intact leaves a stain in your brain
And I am not all that you see, most of it you\'d never want to be

Enigma: deplete. I\'m begging
Priority: I\'m learning
All that is need; I will be
Not enough time for trying

All that you are is much more
Than what you call as your worth
You\'re who this is for, you\'re foremost
Don\'t you forget, I love you