Arm Bleed

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Title: Arm Bleed
Artist: Yeht Mae
Album: Anatomy_(Album)


The blood won’t flow my constricted veins
The rope around my neck, uncommitted crimes
The hand on my shoulder a solemn tone
Religion and death like a dog and a bone

Religion and state, make you really hate
Judge and jury make you an ingrate
Tried and convicted for being alive
Death to your spirit, death is alive

They hold your veins clenched in a fist
One wrong move brings a fatal twist
Night sticks keep you in a perfect line
A beating now and then helps prevent crime

Religion and state hold our puny fate
Change the rules on any given date
Tax you, bleed you, to survive they feed you
Draft you, kill you, make you feel a hero
Fill you up with lies, for them you will die
Filled with pride, on the flag you cry
In a distant war on a barren rock
You die for no reason, or you die for treason

Arm bleed
Arm bleed
Arm bleed
Arm bleed