Counting to Infinity

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Title: Counting to Infinity
Artist: The Killing Tree
Album: The Romance of Helen Trent_(Album)


I’ve seen nations
I’ve seen empires
rise and fall in your eyes
just enough to come crawling back to you
but not enought to turn the tide
the song she sings infects my ears
the dances she dances fills my eyes
helpless to her beckoning
inside her smile
I’m hypnotized
no one gets out of here alive

I am counting to infinity with you
so don’t worry about me
either way I’ll despiese you
at least put up a fight
give me something to do
I am counting to infinity with you

so let me hear you scream my name
until the blood drips from your throat
so come lets play these games
until we bleed or until we choke

you spent your life just withing you were dead
so you tried and tried but then said these things take time
so overwhelmed with guilt that clouds my head
I’ll trade these thoughts of you fro something else instead
so come on in right now this waters fine
let me clip your wings so you can never leave
I’m giving up on thoughts of infinity (scream my name).