Them's Fightin' Words

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Title: Them's Fightin' Words
Artist: The Killing Tree
Album: The Romance of Helen Trent_(Album)


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can’t you see right now my hands are bleeding
blisters broken dripping from the ceiling
I don’t want to be here now
I’ve fallen apart and I can’t pick up the pieces
I cry in the dark and cup my ears to seashells
to hear the solitude it brings

so many faces - so many voices - so many reaaons
to give this up and this goes on and on

can’t you hear right now my ears are ringing?
my head held in my hands to stop the spinning
it stops only to start again
my home has long since been replaced
with a world this window pane

have I finally gone too far to come home?
this world might wait for me tonight, but she won’t
now only time will tell if these wax-wings will melt
only moments to spare

we fall asleep with the color of the sunrise
we count the years on circles under our eyes
we dream in shades of blue and gray
we speak in tongues of metaphors and stories
we bleed the ink of subtle allegory
we are the needle in the hay