Violets Are Blue

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Song Details

Title: Violets Are Blue
Artist: The Killing Tree
Album: The Romance of Helen Trent_(Album)


Somehow I knew that this would end
and then I finally found my way back home.
And this is all one master plan
to keep us spinning down this endless well
I’m drowning in my own regrets
I’m trying so hard to take what’s my last breath.
This is all I wanted from you.
So alone and now I’ll have you know

If you can stand on your own two feet
then you can get up off your fucking knees.
Stand up and wash
away the blood
that stains your soul.
You’ve given me reason
to tear you apart.
Now you can’t fix whats already broke

Now I’ll have you know.

Don’t surrender,
never give up your fucking life.
you lied
your pride in self.
I pushed from inside your skin
I eat you away from within
You’ll never see the sun again

I’ll have you know
look away
from this broken mirror
now the time has come to
slow the beating of this heart.